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Web Design & Development

Get hands on, real results from our trained development team

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Why choose WareRepair Services as your website or application lead?

More than just repairs! Our passions are in the web as well as computer and phone repairs!

Web Design

We use the newest and most innovative technology and strategies so your website is modern and memorable.

Web Development

We're talking real development here. Get 100% custom application development that fits your business and/or other needs. APIs, Web Services, and much more.

SEO & Social Media

Not just locally, but we'll help you get your website to the top of all major search criteria relating to your product or business.

Logo & Graphic Design

Don't have a logo yet? Our designers have years of experience to give you that modern yet professional look your business or application deserves.
Whether it’s a business, application or e-commerce website – we’ve got the tools and knowledge!

100% Custom Development

Get secure, reliable, and performance-written code that actually does what your application needs. We utilize frameworks, APIs, and services like Laravel, CakePHP, Angular and much more.

Quick Turn-around Time

Our team is ready to start working on getting your website or application up and running in the nick of time. We understand the urgency and requirements needed in today’s fast-paced lifestyle and getting a reliable, eye-catching website is as important as anything else in managing a business.

Ware Repair 5 star rating

Ware Repair is Fargo’s newest and fastest growing repair store. Ware Repair is family owned and we care about your devices and want to make sure that you are satisfied as a customer. We understand that most customers are in a hurry and we value your time. Bring in your device and you will often get same day service with the best service in town.

Design && Development

We pride ourselves with everything we do. With absolute passion and eager to do our best each time, designing and developing is in our blood. You know you're getting top of the line, industry driven and taylored products from our services.

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