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Cracked Screens

Software Upgrades

Water Damage

Tablets & Nextbooks

Battery Replacement

Jammed Buttons

Hardware Parts

Third Party Software

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Is it worth fixing my phone?

Like with laptop screens, smart phone accidents can happen – a slip out of the hand walking down the stairs or on a sidewalk or anywhere else, and boom, a cracked screen, leaving you clueless as to what to do next.

Don’t waste your money on a new phone. Take it to Ware Repair, and get a phone replacement for as little as $59.99. Now this may seem a bit high, but check out some of our competitor’s prices, especially since new smart phone screens can go for around $100.00, and you’ll see we are quite the bargain.

Get your smartphone repaired locally in Fargo, ND. We work on iPhone, Android, Window, iPads and all other types of phones.

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Cracked Screens

Break your Apple or Android smartphone's screen? Don't worry - we can reliably take care of your problem at an affordable price.


Need an upgrade? Maybe your device is having issues upgrading? We can help out. We have software packages ready to be installed.

Water Damage

With the daily use of your phone, water accidents are bound to happen – anything from dropping your phone in a puddle of water, to, regrettably, having it fall into the toilet. We can help at Ware Repair. We’ll get your phone up and running as soon as possible.

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