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Blinking folder? Slow or freezing? Random Pop-ups?

Your iMac or Macbook may be having issues that are not easily spotted until it's too late. Bring your iMac or Macbook into our shop to get a FREE diagnostics. Protect your sensitive data by insuring your computer is protected and safe from hardware malfunctions, software glitches and viruses including malaware, adaware, spyware.

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Repair Services We Offer

  • · Computer Repair
  • · Virus Removal
  • · Blue Screen Repair
  • · Data Recovery
  • · Computer Protection
  • · External Cleaning
  • · Hardware Replacement
  • · Logicboard Repair
  • · Software Installation
  • · Network Installation
  • · Laptop Screen Repair
  • · Computer Tune-up
  • · Spyware Removal
  • · Home Computer Set-up
  • · Anti-virus Instalattion
  • · Malware Removal
  • · Data Transfer & Backup
  • · DC Jack Repair
Computer Virus Removal

Virus/Malware/Adware/Spyware Removal

$34.99 Removal

  1. Slow Computer
  2. Pop-ups
  3. Unfamilar Software
  4. Blue screens

If you have any of the issues above, your computer might be infected with a computer virus. Computer viruses can be very harmful to your computer and your personal information.

With so many virus removal programs and spyware software available, how do you choose which one to trust for performance and reliability? As part of our expertise, we will recommend virus removal software that is in-tune with your computer’s internal system for maximum performance and reliability, along with some plugins and other software that will keep nasty, harmful viruses away.

Learn more about your virus removal service.

Computer LCD Replacement

LCD Screen, keyboard Replacement

A cracked or dying display doesn’t mean your laptop has now become nothing more than a large paperweight. For most laptops, a do-it-yourself screen replacement takes several hours of your time and a cost of about $120. But save yourself the hassle and get your laptop display professionally replaced at Ware Repair, for about $99.99 to $199.99. Use our LCD Replacement Wizard to find a quote for your device now.

Does your computer need a new hard drive, disk drive, some new RAM, or maybe something else? Our highly trained technicians are ready to help you with our affordable and reliable hardware replacement service.

Come by our store for a free quote. Just drop off your device/computer at our location, and if we can't fix your problem, there’s no charge.

Software Troubleshooting, Installation & Training

Is your computer having issues installing new software? Maybe it’s not with your computer, but with a mobile device? Our experts are ready to help install/upgrade your software safely, so as to avoid any exploits or other vulnerabilities that may be possible. A computer virus can work its way through old and outdated software/hardware, so don't fall victim to identity theft or loss of personal information. Get help now – stop by our store or call us today to get a free quote!

Need help learning about your computer?

Windows 7 was awesome, and so is Windows 8, though Windows 8 is a little tricky to understand at first. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll see why many people enjoy using the latest operating system (OS) available. And with all the new hype about Windows 10, there will be even more of a transition from older Windows OSs. More information about Windows 10 can be read about on our blog page.

Come by our store for a free quote. Just drop off your device/computer at our location, and if we can't fix your problem, there’s no charge.

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