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The Ultimate Computer Repair Package Service

Computers get viruses, they randomly shut down, or they might not even boot up. The WARECARE package is designed for peice in mind. Get an affordable service that is guaranteed to speed up your computer, or your money back!

Virus Removal + Tune-up

Virus Removals + Optimization

Software Updates

Updating & Recommendations

Hardware Inspection

Stress Testing & Installation

Internal Cleaning

Internal Clearning and Inspection

Windows 10 Training

The most affordable and reliable virus removal and tune up

Is your computer having issues installing new software? Slowing down to the point where it’s unbearable? A computer shouldn't run slow, and you shouldn't have to wait for a response. Don't waste your money on a new computer, even an older one, because Ware Repair specializes in computer tune-ups and virus removals.

Virus Removals + Tune-ups

A slow computer is often the result of software issues. Don’t fall victim to identity theft – if your computer is running slower than normal, it could be due to a nasty virus. We can remove viruses and speed up your computer to run just as fast or even faster than when you first purchased your computer. We will remove bloatware and other software on your computer that isn’t necessary or required.

Computer Updating

Updating and Recommending Software

Staying up-to-date with software is vital, especially for important updates that your computer can’t operate without. We’ll go through your software and update applications or device drivers that may need those important updates..

Some software will actually cause conflicting issues with other software if they are not updated. If your anti-virus needs updating but your computer is outdated, the anti-virus may not even work to its fullest potential.

We'll also go through your computer to make sure you have the best of the best software, and if you don't, we'll make recommendations on personal software that we think is best suited for your everyday computer needs.

Learn more about safe browsering.

Stress Testing, Inspection and Cleaning

Computers will often show no issues with hard drives or other hardware malfunctions until a major error occurs. Don’t fall victim to lost personal information from a corrupted hard drive. We’ll inspect your hard drive with our Ware Care package to ensure that your data is safe. We’ll also inspect other parts of your computer to make certain everything is in proper working condition.

Stress-testing your hardware will allow us to have an understanding of how your computer operates and where we can improve your computer’s performance. CPUs will often slow down/freeze your computer if they are overheating due to poor thermal compounds or poor ventilation within your internal laptop/desktop. Our team specializes in opening computers and finding these types of issues.

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Computer Stress Testing

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