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What is a Virus?

Viruses are pieces of computer code or small programs that attach to a computer program. When that computer program runs, the virus launches itself into your computer’s memory and then looks for other programs or files to attach to from there. And then those programs or files will likewise spread the virus once they are launched or opened.

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Computer Viruses

Is your computer acting strangely?

Is your computer acting strangely? For instance, is it not working the same as in the past, programs have longer than expected load times, or are you having disruptive, unpredictable program behavior, like requests for money to get your files returned? Or maybe there are other issues, such as inexplicable file size changes, strange graphics or unwanted web browser ads appearing, unusual sounds coming from your computer, or maybe your computer won’t boot at all?

If so, a malicious program (or programs) might be on your computer – a virus, worm, Trojan Horse, and/or rootkit.

Worms, Trojans, and Keyloggers

Worms, Trojans, and Keyloggers

Worms are similar to viruses, in that they are computer programs that can replicate themselves, and often contain some functionality that will interfere with the normal use of a computer program. However, worms are themselves separate programs and do not attach to other files or programs.

A Trojan Horse is another separate, malicious program, that will appear as something useful and needed, but is in reality quite harmful. A Trojan Horse enters your computer system through emails, external storage devices, or being downloaded directly from the Internet, but does not replicate itself. However, it can find your email account’s username and password and mail off more of itself to anyone in your contacts, so it can replicate in this manner. And then there is the rootkit, a malicious program or collection of programs so bad that once infected, your computer’s entire hard drive may have to be wiped clean and the operating system (OS) reinstalled. This is because rootkits are designed to compromise the OS itself and make it very difficult to remove once in your computer’s system.

How to prevent Viruses?

You can prevent viruses and other maliocious software from showing up on your computer with simple steps. Make sure your computer is always up to date and installed with a anti-virus software. If you don't have any anti-virus software, we recommend Microsoft Security Essentials, it's a free product you can download to help defend computer running Windows Vista and Windows 7. In Windows 8 & 10, Windows Defender replaces MSE.

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