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Home Networking

We are experts ready to setup your wireless network

Internet running slow?

Our networking technicians are ready to go, on-site in your home, to help resolve a slow, buggy, and/or broken Internet connection.

New Networking Router

New Router/Modem

Have you recently acquired a new router/modem from your ISP provider and can’t seem to get your devices connected to the Internet?

Typically when a new router is installed, your devices will still attempt to connect with your old router, causing issues with accessing a new IP address and other protocols that connect you to the World Wide Web.

Computer Wont Connect

Aside from renewing your IP address, your computer might have other issues that can cause problems connecting to home or other networks. In most cases your computer might just need a simple reboot. But if that fails, it could mean software/hardware issues.

A bad PCI wifi card or other hardware issues (that might be unseen/out-of-sight for you to fix at home) could be causing the trouble. Our experts are trained to diagnose and resolve these common problems.

If hardware doesn’t appear to be the issue, your computer could be infected with a potentially harmful virus, or other malware/software that might be conflicting with your computer’s ability to connect to the Internet.

Can't connect to the internet

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