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Clicking noises, computer running slower than normal?

These are signs of a failing hard drive and should prompt for an immediate backup.

Signs of a Failing Hard Drive

Hard drives can crash randomly with little to no signs. It is always important to backup your data regularly. Some signs to look for that may indicate your hard drive is failing:

  • · Is your computer running slower than usual?
  • · Is it making unusual noises you haven't heard before?
  • · Is your computer three or more years old?

These are typically signs of hard drive failure and you should backup your personal information as soon as possible. Get help from your expert team to restore your data and replace your failing storage device.

How can we help & SSD Replacement

If your computer has a failing hard drive - take it to Ware Repair. We'll try our best to get the data off and put it on a new hard drive or solid state drive. We'll even install the latest OS for your device.

Looking to upgrade to an solid state drive (SSD)? An SSD is up to 30 times faster than the traditional mechanical hard drive. You'll notice a big difference in performance. SSD are also safe when moving your device around, since there are no move parts and will last longer than a traditional hard drive. SSDs can be installed in both Windows and Mac devices.

Speak with a Ware Repair tech today about getting your device upgrade to an SSD.

Hard Drive with bad Head

Severely Damaged Storage Devices

We deal with a lot of data recovery and failing hard drives, and we can typically fix most common, failing hard drive situations with our diagnostics tools. Unfortunately, some hard drives sustain damage that is beyond our repair. Fire, a serious hard fall, broken heads, and hard drives producing loud clicking noises are common server problems that are more often than not beyond our expertise using the tools we have available. This is the reason we’ve partnered with Gillware.

GillWare | Data Recovery

Gillware has the seal of approval from a number of different independent review organizations, including SOC 2 Type II audit status, so our customers can be sure they're getting the best data recovery service possible. Gillware is a proud member of IDEMA and the Apple Consultants Network.

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