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Ever wondered what bitcoins and other cryptocurrency are and how they work?

Writen by Diane Ware - December 26, 2017 in Software
One of the main things to understand at the outset of this blog post is the definition of money, or currency. Once you understand this, it will be much easier to grasp the concept of bitcoins as money.   The short answer to understanding currency is this: all currencies have value only because people believe they have value. Our cash that we carry around? It only has value because people believe it has value. I mean, there is the Federal Reserve System
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Facebook will begin demoting posts that beg for likes.

Writen by Danny Ware - December 18, 2017 in Software
                           Beginning this week, Facebook is going to start limiting the amount of posts that are spam- and "bait"-like. Tagging friends because they like "chicken nuggets" and "taking naps" will not be as popular anymore. Posts that encourage users to like, tag or comment on said po...
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Most downloaded apps in 2017

Writen by Danny Ware - December 12, 2017 in Software
Apple just revealed the most popular apps of 2017 and the list may not come as a surprise for you. Just about everyone reading this blog post will have some, if not all of these apps on their iPhone. 1. Bitmoji Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. Create an expressive cartoon avatar, choose from a growing library of moods and stickers - featuring YOU! 2. Snapchat Snapchat lets you e...
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Windows 10 is killing off Microsoft Paint

Writen by Danny Ware - July 24, 2017 in Software
Looks like Microsoft Paint will soon becoming to an end with upcoming releases of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. As stated by Microsoft "(Microsoft Paint) will not be in active development and might be removed in future releases".  The beloved Paint started its life in November 1985 with the release of Windows 1.0. Paint continued to get updates as Windows became more...
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iOS 11 features and release data.

Writen by Danny Ware - June 07, 2017 in Software
iOS 11 is bringing a lot of new visual changes to the iPhone and iPad. It will be released in the Fall of 2017. Here are some of the features we thought stood out the most.  Apple Pay You can now give money to your friends with iMessage. Apple Pay payments use Touch ID for authentication and iMessages to send between friends or other contacts who owe you money. You will need to authitcate your card first.                    &nbsp...
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Samsung Galaxy S8 First Impressions

Writen by Bryan Ware - May 09, 2017 in Software
If you're like me, you always want the newest in innovation when it comes to phones and computers. When I first heard of the Samsung Galaxy S8, I knew immediately; I had to get my hands on this magnificent new hardware. I've used many phones over the years, just about every iPhone model and several other Galaxy models. This phone is by far the most impressive, at least based on Moore's law. This phone comes with some pretty hefty resources to support just about a...
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Free Tune-up Month of February 2017

Writen by Bryan Ware - February 01, 2017 in Software
Free Tune-up Get a free tune-up the month of February, 2017. Disclaimer information. This is for In-store service only. Tune-ups are limited to Windows desktops, laptops, Windows tablets, Macbooks, and iMac devices. Tune-ups will not be performed on mobile devices such as Android devices, Apple devices, and other cellular devices. It will include only a tune-up. It will not include virus removal, hardware repairs, software repairs, or any other type of service/repair. If we det...
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AssistiveTouch Instructions - Accessibility

Writen by Bryan Ware - October 25, 2016 in Software
Use AssistiveTouch on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch We (at Ware Repair) recently ran into an issue where we needed to use our Apple device without the home button. Apple has a nice handy feature where you can enable AssistiveTouch. AssistiveTouch is a built-in accessibility option that allows you to control your iPhone (iPad and iPod as well) with a screen navigation system.     You can use AssistiveTouch to control your device, help you perform gestures like a pinch, multi-finger swipe, or 3D Touch, and us...
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