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Web Development - How to quote comments in a forum

Writen by Diane Ware - September 25, 2017 in Programming
I designed my own forum website, using a few online tutorials and other online sites. The programming responsible for the functionality of this forum website is primarily PHP and MySQL, so as to maintain and manipulate database tables of forum categories, forum topics, and the posts of these topics, as well as tables for users and their accounts. But now, after designing the main functionality of this forum, I have hit upon a dilemma. How do you enable users to quote posts from previous comments? At first blush, it seems...
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How to include PHP headers and footers in your website

Writen by Diane Ware - October 09, 2016 in Programming
(NOTE: This blog post if mainly for those who are familiar with some computer programming and in particular for those who are familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP/MySQL, though of course anyone can gain some benefit from reading this. For more information about these topics, please visit W3Schools and/or PHP Manual ). There are two PHP statements that can be used to include header and footer files, or for that matter a menu file too. Th...
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