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10 more technology gore pictures.

Writen by Danny Ware - April 05, 2019 in Computers
As many repairs shops are quite familiar with, you see a lot of devices that come in mangled and destroyed. Here are some examples of these devices from around the world.  1. This might be why Apple removed the headphone jacks from their iPhones.  2. "The speaker doesn't sound right anymore." 3. When your computer is running slow and you're an artist. 
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5 Awesome Samsung S10 Tips

Writen by Bryan Ware - March 15, 2019 in Phones
We've had the pleasure of testing out the Samsung S10 and S10e devices. Both are extremely fast and well designed phones that are both appealing and performing. Here are 5 tips we think you may find useful for your Samsung S10. The S10 and S10+ shares similar features. The difference between the S10 and S10+ are a larger screen and two front facing cameras.  #1 Samsung Dex Station The Samsung Dex station is a docking station for your Samsung S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10e, S10, S10+ devices. Turn your phone into a desktop d...
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Information about 'Blue Alert'

Writen by Diane Ware - January 19, 2018 in Phones
Today several of us here at Ware Repair received emergency alerts on our phones.  These emergency alerts were actually Blue Alerts.  And what is a Blue Alert?  Well, it is similar to an Amber Alert, for missing children, and a Silver Alert, for missing elderly folks, usually those with some sort of dementia. The difference is a Blue Alert is to help police officers find perpetrators w...
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Samsung Galaxy S8 First Impressions

Writen by Bryan Ware - May 09, 2017 in Software
If you're like me, you always want the newest in innovation when it comes to phones and computers. When I first heard of the Samsung Galaxy S8, I knew immediately; I had to get my hands on this magnificent new hardware. I've used many phones over the years, just about every iPhone model and several other Galaxy models. This phone is by far the most impressive, at least based on Moore's law. This phone comes with some pretty hefty resources to support just about a...
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