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10 fun Google tricks you didn’t know about.

Writen by Danny Ware - February 21, 2019 in Software
1. Play a game Search “Play Pacman” , “Play tic Tac Toe”, “t rex game”, or “Atari Breakout”. Just make sure to turn the volume down on your computer if you’re at work. 2. Flip a coin If you have a huge decision to make just leave it up to Google to decide. Search “Flip a coin” to have Google make the decision for you. ...
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Google Chrome's bookmark file and a little trick I used with the file's checksum value to import bookmarks.

Writen by Diane Ware - September 26, 2016 in Programming
So...I decided to get a new hard drive, a solid state hard drive at that, for my laptop, especially when I only had about 5.5 GB (yikes!) of space left on my old hard drive.  Everything went along rather smoothly, with the installation of the hard drive itself, the installation of Windows 7, and then finally with the installation of Windows 10. However, even though I had backed up most of my data, I had forgotten to make sure all of my Google Chrome bookmarks had been correctly backed up. There are some
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