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Internet of Things (IoT)

Writen by Danny Ware - May 02, 2017 in Programming
Ever heard of Internet of things (IoT)? Not many people have. It is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items embedded with electronics. It is a new trend that a lot of programmers are getting into to make their lives and others easier. From smart door locks to connected smart kitchen appliances, there are new devices coming out monthly. It is transforming every corner of life with smarter devices. What is IoT? It is the ability to connect a device to the internet with a switch. This includes ce...
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How to include PHP headers and footers in your website

Writen by Diane Ware - October 09, 2016 in Programming
(NOTE: This blog post if mainly for those who are familiar with some computer programming and in particular for those who are familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP/MySQL, though of course anyone can gain some benefit from reading this. For more information about these topics, please visit W3Schools and/or PHP Manual ). There are two PHP statements that can be used to include header and footer files, or for that matter a menu file too. Th...
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Google Chrome's bookmark file and a little trick I used with the file's checksum value to import bookmarks.

Writen by Diane Ware - September 26, 2016 in Programming
So...I decided to get a new hard drive, a solid state hard drive at that, for my laptop, especially when I only had about 5.5 GB (yikes!) of space left on my old hard drive.  Everything went along rather smoothly, with the installation of the hard drive itself, the installation of Windows 7, and then finally with the installation of Windows 10. However, even though I had backed up most of my data, I had forgotten to make sure all of my Google Chrome bookmarks had been correctly backed up. There are some
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