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8 More Tech Disaster Pictures

8 More Tech Disaster Pictures

Written by Diane Diane Ware - July 24, 2019 in Computers

1. ProTip: For best results, don't hammer your USB dongle into the port, until it becomes One with your computer...

2. What do you think of the new fish tank case?

3. From Reddit: “Customer said his phone wasn’t charging properly as the battery was too cold. He thought warming it in a toaster was a good idea."

4. I guess someone figured the printer also unwraps the paper...

5. Not sure what happened here, but doubtful the data is still recoverable.

6. When you need a cutting board but you don't have one: 

7. It’s a good idea to clean your computer accessories once in a while.

8. "Computer is running hot and smells." 


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