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10 more technology gore pictures.

10 more technology gore pictures.

Written by Danny Danny Ware - April 05, 2019 in Computers

As many repairs shops are quite familiar with, you see a lot of devices that come in mangled and destroyed. Here are some examples of these devices from around the world. 

1. This might be why Apple removed the headphone jacks from their iPhones. 

headphone jack

2. "The speaker doesn't sound right anymore."

speaker issue

3. When your computer is running slow and you're an artist. 

computer artist

4. That's a lot of rice. 

phone with rice

5. This is actually quite impressive. 


6. Stove 1 Laptop 0. 

computer burnt

7. Surprisingly we see this quite often. 

computer virus

8. This can probably just go in the garbage. 

thrown up computer

9. This is one of my worse nightmares. 


10. I think it has a virus. 

often issue

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